S. Gurkirat Singh Kotli of Congress party has won the current elections and is the new MLA of Khanna. He has won the elections with a margin of 20591 votes and Anil Dutt Phalli of AAP is the trailing candidate. Khanna constituency is one of the 117 seats of Punjab Vidhan Sabha and its constituency number is 57. Gurkirat Singh Kotli, who belongs to Congress, is the current MLA of Khanna and he became MLA by winning the current elections held in 2017. Kotli’s tenure as a legislator remained lackluster, with no major projects coming up for the constituency. Being an MLA from the opposition, Kotli says, he faced a lot of resistance in getting funds released and was “curbed”. In September 2015, he led a protest along with MGNREGS workers, stormed the tehsil complex and locked the SDM office — a high point for him, politically. But sewerage, water supply, poor sanitation, encroachments, lack of parks and civic amenities continue to ail residents. The residents have also been complaining about the poor condition of roads and the poor infrastructure at the bus stand. A national highway passing right through has divided Khanna into two parts, something to which no solution has been worked out.